Friday, September 14, 2012

Wiggly and Jiggly

Today I lost my tooth!!! It hardly even bled(believe it)! Here is what I did  1 I wiggled it. 2 I grabbed it. 3 It came out! It did not hurt even a small bit. I was really excited so were my class mates:) Then we did                                            
our class work. At the pickup line I told Mattie! She was happy for 1 second........So where was I? Oh I      
forgot it was not long before Mommy found out. This is a new tooth of my teeth losing:) I also have a new tooth growing in on the other side. We bought a tooth holder I think this is 1 of my longer 1's. (Not
including the 2 parts you just read). They were out of the subject and I am telling the truth people:) So that is THE END. Of todays blog good-bye.


  1. Yay!! I am so glad you finally lost that tooth. I LOVE your new tooth fairy pillow. XOXO, Mommy

  2. yeah caroline, it's funny how you wrote a longer blog post than anything else about this! -mattie