Saturday, September 8, 2012

Maroline's room

My American girl doll named Maroline has her very own room. It has a carpet and that bedroom stuff and a dog named Honey. It is a very nice room with a dog bed for Honey.  But there is a clothes locker and a dirty clothes hamper. A drawer that holds the locker keys too. I love her room just like her. I really wish that I had another American girl doll. There is a new American girl doll named Caroline. That is my name! So it has been rather peaceful since I got her.


  1. It's true, Honey is this really cute dog. Small, you know. And yes, she does have a ton of stuff in her room. It's a bit hard to get to because she put up a "door" that requires stepping stools on both sides to get over. But yes she loves that hting.

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  3. I love Maroline and Honey. It's been fun playing with them. My favorite part of Maroline's room is Honey's bed. Caroline decorated a box and it is so cute!! Love, Mommy