Sunday, September 9, 2012

My trip to the beach.

Quite a few weeks ago I went to s.t simon's  island:)!!!! There is a awesome treat shop that has HUGE gummy bear's. It also has so many runts that you can't figure out how many there are. Then for the moment you've all been waiting for the beach part of the beach. So we found a title pool and set up the thing. Next I and my cousin Ramsey  played in the ocean. We used his boogie bored as a surf bored Mattie was there too. There was a really bad storm after we to the sandy beach:) What a time oh I almost forgot Ms.Peggy (some of don't know her?) is always thinking of us. She got me an elephant folder. Bye!


  1. I like your story about the beach. We had so much fun!

  2. the gummy bears were totally awesome, yea, but the giant cargo ships we saw were super-cool. and mostly we played star wars all day because of ram-oh. -mattie